Our Community

Our Community - Julie, Sam, Mary, Bob, Kathy

Our cast of family and friends has been drawn from authentic first person accounts and their stories have been crucial to the development and implementation of Vigil's healthcare solutions.

and the Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professions - Home Healthcare, Doctor, Nurse, Call Centre, Nurse

Vigil's continuous health monitoring technology has also been developed with the invaluable help and feedback of a wide range of healthcare professionals.


  • Join the Vigil Family

    Cloud Software Engineer

    We are looking for an highly competent person to join our team as the cloud software engineering lead. This is a hands-on role that will also support the design of the system cloud architecture. 

  • Global Innovation Leader joins Board

    Vigil Monitoring has appointed United States based Professor Chris Wasden as an Advisory Board member.

  • Norah Barlow

    Norah Barlow joins Vigil board

    Recognised leader of the aged care and independent living sector, Norah Barlow will join the board of Vigil Monitoring from 31 July 2014.