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Latest News

Vigil wins NZ Hi-Tech Pre-commericalisation Award

Vigil Monitoring celebrated success in the New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards held in Christchurch on 16 May.

Vigil Finalist in Hi-Tech Awards

Vigil is a finalist in the New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards to be held in Christchurch on 16 May 2014. They have been nominated as one of six finalists in the Callahan Innovation Hi-Tech Pre-Commercialisation Company of the Year 2014.

Teaming up are (from left) Telecom's Rod Snodgrass and Chris Bowman with Vigil Wireless Sensor Technologies' Alan Brannigan and founder Sir Ray Avery. Photo / Natalie Slade

Telecom to pump millions into tech firm

Telecom has joined forces with Sir Ray Avery's technology startup and is planning to invest up to $5 million in the business, which is developing a wristband that constantly monitors someone's vitals and uploads and stores the information online.